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Multifunctional Hammer Tool with Plier+Wire Cutter+Claw Pince+Bottle Opener+Knife+Keyring 7 in 1 Hammer Knife Tool Pocket gadget


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Mini Multi Hammer Tool with Pliers+Wire Cutter+Claw Pince+Bottle Opener+Knife+Key chain,Stainless steel 7-tools-in-1+Key ring
Mini Hammer Keychain Tool,Mini Tool Keychain Set Knives
wire cutter + Pliers+Hammer+ Claw Pince + Bottle Opener + Flathead Screwdriver+Knife+ Key ring
A stainless steel keychain tool with a mini hammer, pliers, knife, bottle opener and a flat head screwdriver.
A comprehensive set of mini tools-in-one, handy on your keyring.
Pocket-sized,hammer-shaped tool equipped with an array of useful functionalities.
Includes a knife, claw, pliers, wire cutter, hammer, bottle opener and screwdriver.
Complete with a key-loop at the end for easy portability.
Made of stainless steel and mixed metal.
Take it anywhere! Packaging Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 1.0 cm
Great for home, office, the car, travel, camping and more! Includes keychain. Made from high quality stainless steel.